What's Included In SLAY Project Management?


    5 Sections and 24 step-by-step HOW TO Videos! I walk you through the entire project process from start to finish to make sure you know exactly how to manage your project. Includes life time access.


    I created every single key document you need to keep you on track with your projects! Just download and populate - it's that simple.


    There's a special bonus section that will cover everything you need to know in order to understand team dynamics. Managing your team is critical to your success.


    Join our private SLAY PM Facebook Group for all of the SLAYERS in this program. Get your project questions answered by the course creator, Adriana Girdler and share your project wins with other SLAYERS.


Everything YOU need to SLAY your next project and to stand out professionally!

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Other Key Info

  • SLAY compliments any project software used by your organization by focusing on 'HOW' to run projects.

  • Suitable for anyone who is new to project management, for college grads & advance students, or those who want to learn new techniques to further their skill set

  • All students receive a digital badge once they have completed the course

  • A resource you can access over and over, whenever you want and whenever you need. Course is eligible for 5 PMI PDUs

  • We strive to make our content accessible to all SLAYERS. Every video includes the option for closed captioning.


STOP struggling on your projects. SLAY has everything you need to knock your next project out of the park!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    LET'S GET STARTED! (Do this section first!)

    • ORIENTATION (Watch this FIRST!)

    • Project Success Tools

    • 6 Quick Tips for Project Management Success

    • RESOURCES (Templates)- Roadmap, Checklist, Definitions, Additional Links, Tech FYI

    • Understanding Your Needs

  • 2

    SLAY #1 - INITIATION - Defines & authorizes the project

    • 1.1 Initiation Opening Remarks

    • 1.2 Scope Statement & Project Priority Matrix

    • 1.3 Initiation Stage Reminders

    • 1.4 RESOURCES (Templates) - Scope Statement, Priority Matrix, Checklist, Emails

    • SLAY #1 - Initiation Quiz

  • 3

    SLAY #2 - PLANNING - Defines & refines scope, objectives and project plan

    • 2.1 Planning Opening Remarks

    • 2.2 Project Charter

    • 2.3 WBS Initial Layout

    • 2.4 Steering Committees

    • 2.5 Project Kick-off Meeting

    • 2.6 Planning Stage Reminders

    • 2.7 RESOURCES (Templates) - Charters, WBS Layout, StC Meeting, Kick-off Meeting, Checklist, Emails

    • SLAY #2 - Planning Quiz

  • 4

    SLAY #3 - EXECUTION - Carrying out the project plan

    • 3.1 Execution Opening Remarks

    • 3.2 Project Plan (WBS)

    • 3.3 Schedule Management

    • 3.4 Meetings

    • 3.5 Change Management

    • 3.6 Execution Stage Reminders

    • 3.7 RESOURCES (Templates) - WBS, Meeting Notes, Change Management, Checklist, Emails

    • SLAY #3 - Execution Quiz

  • 5

    SLAY #4 - MONITOR & CONTROL - Measures & monitors progress and course corrects

    • 4.1 Monitor & Control Opening Remarks

    • 4.2 WBS Monitoring

    • 4.3 Risk Resolution

    • 4.4 Change Control

    • 4.5 Monitor & Control Stage Reminders

    • 4.6 RESOURCES (Templates) - Risk, Change Control, Checklist, Emails

    • SLAY #4 - Monitor & Control

  • 6

    SLAY #5 - CLOSE OUT - Formalizes acceptance of project deliverables and brings the project to an end

    • 5.1 Closing Out Opening Remarks

    • 5.2 Project Closing & AAR

    • 5.3 Closing Remarks

    • 5.4 RESOURCES (Templates) - After Action Review, Checklist, Emails

    • SLAY #5 - Close Out Quiz

  • 7

    BONUS - Team Dynamics & Other Cool Items

    • Understanding team dynamics & how to use it in projects

    • RESOURCES (Templates) - Team Dynamic One Pager, Additional use for Templates

  • 8


    • Help Improve SLAY - 4 Questions

    • How To Get Your SLAY Course Completion Digital Badge

    • How To Get Your SLAY Micro-Credential Digital Badge

    • How To Report PDUs For Your PMP Designation

  • 9


    • Exam FAQ's

    • SLAY Project Management Exam

Adriana Girdler CET, PMP

| Creator of SLAY |

Master Project Slayer

Adriana Girdler

Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler I'm glad you're here! I teach new and experienced project managers to excel in their career using my proven strategies from 20+ years in the business. I'm a certified project manager (PMP) and business productivity specialist. Not only am I passionate about efficiency and improvement and tie that into everything I do, I've helped countless companies and individuals achieve successful projects goals. Now I am here to help you. So let's get started!