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Course description

SLAY Project Management focuses on the PRACTICAL elements of project management that work in the professional world. 

This step-by-step program is broken into the 5 phases of a project: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Closing. In each phase I teach the important elements you need to focus on, why they are important and then show you how to do it, via the tons of templates I give you. You just need to listen and learn as everything is done and ready for you to use. Choose to use the templates as is or tweak them to suit your needs and/or fancy software needed!  

I took out all the guess work to project management….just follow the checklist and fill out the templates, it really is that easy!

Not only can you reference that material as often as you like, I have added an extra bonus section to show you every detail on how to master team dynamics. The most helpful thing you can do to solve those team issues is to understand the stages of team development.

As a BONUS for dedicating yourself to becoming a project slayer, I created an exclusive SLAY Project Management Facebook group for all the project slayers in this program as a central place where you can ask me questions, share your wins and support each other. This private group is like having a personal project management coach to support you on your journey. 

Course Key Benefits:

  • The exact framework I use when project managing for my clients (including my Fortune 500 clients)
  • Extensive project management certification turned into a practical project management version, so you do not waste your time on tools or techniques that are rarely used in the professional world
  • All the templates you need to manage your projects in a pragmatic and efficient way
  • SLAY compliments any project software used by your organization by focusing on 'how' to run projects.
  • Techniques on how to make your team and project stakeholders accountable when they do not report directly into you
  • Coaching support on any project related question you may have during your project life cycle
  • A resource you can access over and over, whenever you want and whenever you need. 
  • Suitable for anyone who is new to project management, for college grads & advance students, or those who want to learn new techniques to further their skill set

And here's the great thing – I'm not only a project manager with 20 years of know-how, but also a productivity professional. So I married my two passions to make this course as efficient as possible - you can complete this entire course in 5 hours!!


See you on the inside, Project Slayer!



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Course curriculum

  • 1

    LET'S GET STARTED! (Do this section first!)


    • RESOURCES (Templates)- Checklist, Definitions, Additional Links, Technical FYI

    • Understanding Your Needs

  • 2

    SLAY #1 - INITIATION - Defines & authorizes the project

    • 1.1 Initiation Opening Remarks

    • 1.2 Scope Statement & Project Priority Matrix

    • 1.3 Initiation Stage Reminders

    • 1.4 RESOURCES (Templates) - Scope Statement, Priority Matrix Templates

  • 3

    SLAY #2 - PLANNING - Defines & refines scope, objectives and project plan

    • 2.1 Planning Opening Remarks

    • 2.2 Project Charter

    • 2.3 WBS Initial Layout

    • 2.4 Steering Committees

    • 2.5 Project Kick-off Meeting

    • 2.6 Planning Stage Reminders

    • 2.7 RESOURCES (Templates) - Charters, WBS Layout, StC Meeting, Kick-off Meeting Templates

  • 4

    SLAY #3 - EXECUTION - Carrying out the project plan

    • 3.1 Execution Opening Remarks

    • 3.2 Project Plan (WBS)

    • 3.3 Schedule Management

    • 3.4 Meetings

    • 3.5 Change Management

    • 3.6 Execution Stage Reminders

    • 3.7 RESOURCES (Templates) - WBS, Meeting Notes, Change Management Templates

  • 5

    SLAY #4 - MONITOR & CONTROL - Measures & monitors progress and course corrects

    • 4.1 Monitor & Control Opening Remarks

    • 4.2 WBS Monitoring

    • 4.3 Risk Resolution

    • 4.4 Change Control

    • 4.5 Monitor & Control Stage Reminders

    • 4.6 RESOURCES (Templates) - Risk, Change Control Templates

  • 6

    SLAY #5 - CLOSE OUT - Formalizes acceptance of project deliverables and brings the project to an end

    • 5.1 Closing Out Opening Remarks

    • 5.2 Project Closing & AAR

    • 5.3 Closing Remarks

    • 5.4 RESOURCES (Templates) - After Action Review Template

  • 7

    BONUS - Team Dynamics - Understanding the stages of team behaviour & performance

    • Team Dynamics

    • RESOURCES (Templates) - Team Dynamic One Pager

  • 8

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

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