Pocket Book Description 1 thru 6

The SparkShift Series: Sparking an Idea, Shifting Thinking!

  • E-BOOK ONE - Opening The Doors To Empowerment : reveals how to recognize and remove the barriers that block success. This book will teach readers how to recognize the five type of empowerment barriers: determine their vision; and conquer the fears that prevent their progress.

  • E-BOOK TWO - The Value of Vision: explores the single most important step you can take in order to improve your efficiency and productivity: setting your corporate (or personal) vision statement down in writing and incorporating it into everything you do!

  • E-BOOK THREE - Take Back Your Day!: shows how a few simple habits can help you regain the precious time and money you're currently losing every day. This book will teach you effective productivity secrets: tips for time-saving routines: and painless time management techniques for the workplace and the home.

  • E-BOOK FOUR - Spaces That Work: discusses why efficient spaces matter and how they can improve safety, productivity, profit, and even teamwork. You will learn simple tips to organize your surroundings; eliminate wasted effort; and create spaces that work for you.

  • E-BOOK FIVE - Good Meetings = Great Results!: discusses what many consider to be the biggest time-waster in the modern workplace: ineffective meetings. Learn how to avoid the top traps of bad meetings: handle agendas and minutes productively: become a champion facilitator: and rethink work meetings forever!

  • E-BOOK SIX - Intuition At Work: reveals the power of an often-overlooked but valuable workplace tool: business intuition. Find out what business intuition is; Why it matters so much; How it can be applied; and how to begin using yours today!

Adriana Girdler CET, PMP

| Author of SparkShift Book Series |

Master Project Slayer

Adriana Girdler

Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler I'm glad you're here! I teach new and experienced project managers to excel in their career using my proven strategies from 20+ years in the business. I'm a certified project manager (PMP) and business productivity specialist. Not only am I passionate about efficiency and improvement and tie that into everything I do, I've helped countless companies and individuals achieve successful projects goals. Now I am here to help you. So let's get started!